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Gold Coast Lifeguards Service is an professional Service that protects all our Gold Coast Beaches.
SURFCOACH provides a training program to International and Australian Men and Woman to become professional Lifeguard.


Gold Coast City Council Lifeguard Service are our permanent Lifeguards and Patrol all Gold Coast Beaches ALL YEAR AROUND. The Blue and White uniforms and the white Lifeguard vehicle.
All vehicles are equipped with First Aid, Oxygen and Defibrillator. This is all part of a permanent Lifeguard Service along with Jet Ski’s They have direct contact with all emergency services for immediate response.

Professional lifeguard are required to do a fitness test twice a year.

Pool test:                  Requires 800 meter swim in under 14 minutes.
Fitness Surf test:    800 Surf Swim, 1400 Sand Run, 800 meter Rescue Board Paddle
Surf Skills test:       This test requires you to be able to Paddle through the Surf Break with a Rescue Board, and Swim through the break. This is done in a form of a M shape X 2.
Advance Fist Aid with Defibrillator
Power Craft and Marine Licence:
GCCCouncil Induction Course:

SURFCOACH/APOLA provides Training for Surf fitness and SLSC Competition Training.

BE GUIDED by an experienced business

8 weeks x 2 sessions

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