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SURFCOACH Introduction to Surf Life Saving Surf Sports

Level 2 National Advance Surf Coach.
Provides coaching skills in Surf Life Saving Sports and Competition including:

Surf Ski, Recue Board, Surf Swim and general Surf Awareness and Fitness .
Our experience covers a broad area involving technique, training programs

With observation as well as participating in the recent  World and Australian Surf Titles, revealed how many competitors from juniors up to masters lacked skills in the surf.
This is one of the most important areas an athlete needs to be competent in as races are won or lost through good skill performance.
Especially skills getting in an out through a surf combined with tactics. Surf sports is no different to any other sport where at the beginning of the season, then continuing throughout… time needs to be spent on basics before one can perform at their very best with optimal speed.

  • How do you start fast?
  • Go over white water?
  • Handle a breaking wave?
  • Use effective technique in green water?
  • Maximise positioning around buoy turns?
  • Chasing runners home?
  • Then holding a wave to the beach?
  • Developing maximum fitness?

Find out how to be efficient and use skills effectively while combining this with a good strategy and tactics to make racing so much more fun.
To be confident in all size surf you need to practice drills consistently during your conditioning sessions. We will guide you to become better or faster by using improved skills,  analysing faults or fast track you from basic drills and technique to make paddling a craft easier.

Common questions asked are: “How do I improve to do a fast start?”… or from some members who do not have much surf at there beach… “What do I have to do to get out?”… Not necessarily out fast but just to get out. Our thoughts are how do we give many years experience in 5 Min’s… it is not realistic unless the correct skills have been practiced. We can give a course to follow and with luck they slip out. How many times has this happened to you? Good balance helps but in a turbulent environment skills become the the winning factor. They need to be second nature as they have to be used with timing while reading the conditions. Your mind needs to be focused by using key tactics while aware of how you feel and where your competitor is during a race. This mental training needs to be developed through out the season during your conditioning sessions. Our sessions will take you on a journey of becoming good at skills, fit, a mentally tough competitor through to a master of your craft.

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