Rescue Board

 Rescue Board Introduction

Board skills may be learned at any age in catching waves or competing. This depends on the time spent learning with most importantly, how you are guided will fast track your ability. This is not ground breaking knowledge although for someone searching the net for skills and technique to paddle a nipper or racing Malibu board this may give them most of the answers. A developing coach who has exhausted the information found in manuals or from conversations with other members may use this guide to give their squad or themselves access to years of experience and training condensed into a manual. We would have loved to have had this book twenty years ago. Now a compilation of innovative steps to each skill from always looking for better ways to teach may make you a genius in a few hours.


After the run and carry, the board is flung in front without losing momentum from the run, dive onto the chest or jump onto your knees.

A good start is a must in all turbulent surf conditions.

After the run, timing the skim with maximum momentum, and then land on your board with optimal trim, must be practiced. You need to anticipate what is in front of you. Be aware of swell, lumps, white water size or the angle the wave is travelling and sweep which may also affect your path or balance.

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