Surf Ski

From Beginners to Advance

The program is suitable for anyone who has some training in a sport or gym and wishes to either paddle in flat water or surf. Once the program has started you will find you may need to also begin some basic strength and fitness training. These processes are being followed by our developing groups every season where we use reinforcement of basics to new recruits. Basics are reinforced to other L1 and L2 paddlers annually.

The program is progressive and develops skills and conditioning gradually. Recreational paddlers can also benefit from the program. Each stage sets out the learning objectives with creative analogies and stories to reinforce the tips provided. Demonstrations are provided with photos and videos.

The amount of training and no of sessions you require depend upon age and in what event you will be training for competition.

Commitment needed to achieve your goal at a top level in your age group. You may be doing anything from 5 to 6 sessions per week including runs and gym for an under 16 age for Kayak’s.
Up to 14 sessions per week for an Open competitor. Those sessions will be relevant to short surf lifesaving races or long distance races up to or over 20 km. If you are an ultra-marathoner competitor then sessions will be similar although time on the water will be increased.

The type of session involving intensity, volume, skills will depend on what part of the season, or amount of preparation, timing for an event and most importantly what commitment you can make.

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